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Projects (5 Phase Plan)

The Collaboration Foundation plans to create a series of ambitious global collaborative art projects that gradually expand in scale while addressing various social issues. Each phase is outlined below.

Phase I: The 1 Second Film (Current Work in Progress)

The 1 Second FilmThe 1 Second Film is the first project we are creating. The film is a non-profit experiment in global collaboration, and a proof of concept for our ongoing projects.

The 1 Second Film is centered around one-second of animation - the frames of animation consist of 12 large paintings that were created by hundreds of people during a collaborative event. The animation party took place on March 8, 2001, International Women's Day at CalArts. The film is being powered by an online community of participants, and will include one-hour of credits listing everyone who helps. A feature-length 'making of' documentary will play alongside the credits, detailing the journey of the project from start to finish. After the film's premiere, the 12 paintings that create the animation will be on exhibit and auctioned off to raise funds for charity. All profits raised by the finished film will be donated to the Global Fund for Women, a non-profit grant-making organization that supports women's human rights around the world.

The online community formed during the creation of The 1 Second Film will then be invited to participate with Phase 2, The 2 Second Film.


a community of thousands support The 1 Second FIlm

Phase II: The 2 Second Film

In Phase 2, our goal is to double in scale, by creating 2 seconds of animation during 2 simultaneous '1 second animation events', each taking place on the same day in different parts of the world.

For subject matter, we will attempt to address the impact that September 11, 2001 has had on the world cialis effectiveness. The idea is to animate 2 seconds of the second airplane as it hit the second Trade Tower, and to create the animation during two simultaneous collaborative art events, one in New York, and the other in Afghanistan (conditions permitting).

Each event will be centered on the painting of 24 frames - giant murals that will be created by participants/members of audience., under the supervision of an art director. Diverse international artists will be invited to oversee the 48 individual frames, while musicians and performers fill the space. The events will be interactive online, and designed to provide a platform for addressing the international impact that 9/11 has had on the world.

Once finished, the 48 completed paintings will be combined to create two seconds of animation. A documentary detailing the event will also be produced, and we will attempt to arrange a touring exhibit of the art and film created.

The paintings will be auctioned off, and profits raised will be donated to charitable organizations that benefit civilian casualties of war.

Phase 2 has the potential to include thousands of participants at the collaborative events, while also engaging millions more online.

The online community of participants developed through Phase 2, will be invited to participate in our next project, The 3 Second Film.

Phase III: The 3 Second Film

THE 3 SECOND FILM will continue to expand the concept. The film will be 3 seconds of animation, created during 3 simultaneous one-second animation events, each taking place in a different part of the world. The events will be participatory, and feature live-music and performances.

All profits from the events, art, and finished film will benefit the fight against Global Warming.

The 3 Second Film will further expand the infrastructure and online community of the Collaboration Foundation, allowing people to organize by interest and pro-actively arrange collaborative projects of various scale.

Phase IV :: The 1 Second Film Festival

Phase 4 mixes things up a bit. We will invite people around the world to submit ideas to create a 1 Second Film. Each moment submitted will also address a local social issue. The Collaboration foundation will then select 111 of the best submissions, and provide the tools to organize the various events around the world.

Each event will create one-second of animation while raising money and awareness for the related causes. THE 1 SECOND FILM FESTIVAL will also expand the infrastructure necessary for executing Phase 5.

Phase V :: The Big Picture

The idea for phase 5 is to expand the idea, and attempt to create a feature-length narrative film called The Big Picture. The Big Picture will be animated during thousands of live, simultaneous collaborative art events around the world. Each event will paint the frames to create one-second of the animation. The animation will then be re-combined in chronological order to create the feature-length film.

The collaborative animation events will vary in scale, but the goal is to animate a feature-length film with the help of millions of people around the world.

The Big Picture will push the possibilities of global collaboration, underscoring the potential of what is possible when people around the world work together. All proceeds raised by The Big Picture will be put toward combating Global Poverty.


After The 5 Phase Plan

Once finished, the global community of participants that forms along the way will be given tools to continue collaborating together on projects both large and small.

Collaboration on a Global Scale

We believe these projects have tremendous potential to harness the potential of collaboration on a global scale, creating art beyond boundaries, and exploring the possibilities of our collective potential.By the culmination of the 5 Phase Plan, we will also have created a global community of participants that can continue to develop and create collaborative art on a global scale, providing a creative platform to address global social issues.

This all starts with one second. Help produce The 1 Second Film.


Work in Progress

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